Licensing Options: Using or borrowing work

I work very hard to create original imagery, please show a little courtesy and respect my intellectual property.

Much of my work is paid for by clients which requires copyright protection. Even though I may own the rights to the work, they are paying for the priveledge of exclusivity.

If you would like to reuse any content from this website (, either in print or online, please contact me first for permission.

In general, unless otherwise stated, all the content on the site is covered by UK copyright Law

This means you may not copy, distribute, display or perform the work under any condition:

With the understanding that Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder, which is me.

It's about freedom, not restriction

I want people to be inspired by photography, especially my own. This means I want it to be seen and for people to build on it, and better it!

By resprecting a creative's IP, you allow me and others to openly display their work, help others develop their skills and make a living.

If you disagree, or wish to discuss the issue, feel free to contact me.

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